[Five Fandom Friday] Games I Love To Play

01. Final Fantasy XIII


i can’t help the fact that i find her very pleasing to look at…

you can read all the reasoning [or at least part of it] in my earlier 5 Fandom Friday post about shipping. i’ve been meaning to reinstall it after my PC’s refresh but good gog, way too much to download… -____-

02. Animal Crossing: New Leaf

old screenshot, but it has Rinny and me in it! :D

i even have a Tumblr blog dedicated to all my adventures! i update it almost every Sunday.

you can visit my dream town at 5700-3453-7056 if you’d like.

03. Final Fantasy Record Keeper

i did a post about FFRK’s launch in March and i’m still addicted to it.

04. LEGO The Hobbit



i think i have the most fun just fucking around in free-play mode doing all the quests. i’m super upset that Telltale / WB / who ever the hell is in charge of the game has scrapped the idea of releasing the third movie as DLC and is essentially just going to leave the game hanging with TO BE CONTINUED. that is just so fucking bogus. sure yeah, they could just repackage it later but COME OOOOOOOON.

05. The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim


i have my girlfriend to thank in getting me into the TES series otherwise i would not have had a bloody clue. someone would bring up the arrow to the knee joke and i would sit there like, “um….wat. that sounds like it hurts.” i have also played The Elder Scrolls Online, but between my aging computer and lack of $60, i haven’t been able to play past the beta period from last year.

i enjoy pickpocketing people, killing them, annoying the shit out of Brynjolf

Fully Favorable

**If you’re new here, I urge you to go through the tag SSDI Application Adventures so you know what the diddly heck I’m trying to form words on your screen for.**

2015-04-22 11.41.16


i was handed mail from SSA today, and as usual, i was apprehensive on opening it. i was fully expecting having to appeal once again and having to wait, wait forever.

i am happy to report that the judge has given me a Fully Favorable decision and i should be receiving payments soon!

it has been a long 3 years but i am very happy that i did not give up and fought the good fight!

Because Ponies, Take II

this is Take II, because I did something My Little Pony-related back in 2012…when this here blog was a wee one! anyshoe, IGGPPC was doing a My Little Pony season 5 Bake-Along, [yes, they’re aware the première already aired!] and since i cannot bake within an inch of my life [though people say my cinnamon rolls look amazing even though they’ve come out of the heart attack-inducing tube…YOU KNOW THE ONE I’M TALKING ABOUT!] i decided to play along with the little game they put together…

01. Favorite Mane 6 Pony

Fluttershy Sleeping Gif
by Coolderp on DeviantArt

Fluttershy! i actually did NOT have a favorite Mane 6 until late in season 4. i had to let all their personalities grow on me and see who was fitting…turns out Fluttershy connected with me the most. i know a lot of people don’t really like her for whatever reason, but hey, you gotta watch out for us quiet ones…

02. Favorite Song

Babs Seed and Raise This Barn

03. Favorite Episode 

funnily enough, i don’t have one yet.

04. Favorite Quote

“i just don’t know what went wrong…” – Derpy Hooves

05. Favorite Non-Pony Critter

Discord, probably. he was pretty damn amusing.

06. Favorite Pony Not In The Mane 6

Derpy Muffin Vector (Featured on EQD)
by drawponies on DeviantArt

Derpy Hooves. she’s another pony that gets a lot of shit from the fandom because there’s misconception that she was made to poke fun at people with developmental disabilities. i’m going to tell you something now, coming from someone with a developmental disability, seeing a pony who had the same “eye derp” as i do, made me squee. it deeply upset me when people made such a stink to get her eyes fixed.  it sent a message that people with developmental disabilities should be “fixed” and we’re not the same as people without.

07. Where In Equestria Would You Like To Visit?


08. Favorite Cutie Mark Crusader

i love them all equally

09. Unicorn, Pegasus or Earth Pony?

Pegasus for sure!

10. Favorite Celebrity Guest Voice/Character

Doctor Whooves, i suppose? even though i don’t care much for Doctor Who in general… *shrug*

11. What would your cutie mark be?

The Malkavian vampire clan symbol, most likely. >:D

side note: i do not consider myself a brony or a pegasister, i’m mostly just a fan of My Little Pony. no need to smack a fandom label on myself. there’s very few self-proclaimed “bronies” that i can tolerate… [literally all of two people, surely.] and then the rest of youse just scare me.

Aidan Turner Nearly Indirectly Murdered Me

on the stairs.

with a parcel.
2015-04-15 11.35.07

okay, in all seriousness he didn’t, but i nearly broke my fucking neck yesterday afternoon because a parcel was left on the stairs. glancing at the offending package i noticed it was addressed to me! now i haven’t ordered anything in a pretty long while so this was strange… very few people have my mailing address and it’s been a long time since i posted about wanting the damn thing.

the only way i figured out what it actually was was the Article Magazine company logo on the opposite side.

then i was clearly going, “now who the fuck ordered this for me?”

2015-04-15 11.40.37

2015-04-15 12.07.33


turns out it was my wonderful girlfriend in the end.

the magazine is fucking gorgeous and i can’t wait to get to reading it! :D