Shit hits the fan…

If you’re new here, check out the SSDI Application Adventures tag, as it’s an update to the saga.

When we last left off in May of last year, I had gotten a letter that my hearing request was submitted and it would be 8-10 months before I got a hearing date.

Well, since then we’d passed the two-year mark since I started this whole journey with the government. Yesterday I had gotten a call from my lawyer and he stated that my hearing was set for August. He then went on to say that I am not physically disabled enough in the eyes of the law, but my mental disabilities may just be “good enough” to pass me. However, the report that the psychologist I saw in February of last year wasn’t good enough and my lawyer is advising me to see another psychologist for a more thorough workup. Thing is, my insurance is ending in a week, as I turn 26 on the 3rd and as such, my medical gets booted. So, it’s going to cost me anywhere from $500 to $700 just to have my brain picked….again. As if the first time wasn’t stressful enough!

So I ended up applying for general assistance that will [hopefully.] give me Medicaid, food stamps and a bit of cash. I got a call from that office yesterday saying that they received my application and would be setting up an appointment to finish the rest of it. If I happen to get the GA, I may just forget pursuing the disability case because apparently no matter how disabled I may be, I’m not disabled enough in the eyes of the law.

I highly enjoy having conditions I certainly did not ask for. IT’S FUCKING PEACHY.

I would probably still be at my job now if I could do it, but I cannot.

Present me with work that doesn’t aggravate ANY of my conditions. Prove me wrong.

I highly doubt a job will let me lie down for a few hours on paid time because my “spoons” have been depleted.

Find me a job that lets me do that, and you might just have a deal.

For now, this entire thing is fucking bullshit and I’ve had it up to here.


[Review] Anti-Alice Wig #2 / Fashion Cosplay Wigs

Order Date: 4/12/2014

Ship Date:  4/12/2014

Arrival Date: 4/21/2014

Fashion Cosplay Wigs maintained by agree518, was a great seller to work with. I was very pleased. They shipped the same day I ordered and my package hung out in transit limbo for about a week before showing up in New York on 4/19/2014 and arriving in my mailbox on the 21st.

The wig was packaged in a bubble mailer and the wig itself was packaged in a ziplock bag. The seller also included a free wig cap in which I wasn’t expecting that.



Wig and free wig cap

The wig did not come in a wig net, but rather somewhat inside out to keep it contained. Not a big deal, but a wig net would’ve been easier. The wig fits very well, but it’s a little long in the front so it’s going to need a bit of trimming, and as such my lovely model Ms. Wighead will show off the wig to you since I can’t see a damn thing with those bangs as they are now.

wig front

wig from the side

Since this wig is for a specific cosplay, Nepeta Leijon, here’s a few shots of the wig with Nepeta’s horns and hat [that were lovingly crafted by Rin.] put on.

Overall Verdict: 5 out of 5 paws up

Hippy Hoppy Easter 2014

This post is fashionably late, but in my defense I had a few posts scheduled ahead of this one so it had to find its place in the queue.

For Easter we had family over, and we did an egg hunt and dyed easter eggs. It was definitely a lot of fun! My parents make the day about our family and not about the religious aspects since my brother and I are both atheists. Sometimes people forget there are other people out there that don’t celebrate Easter at all! I kinda just tune out the religious banter on social media.

I do find Zombie Jesus kind of hilarious though, gotta admit.

When family arrived, we dicked around on the Hobbit game for a bit before heading outside to hunt eggs WOO WOO! [We had to stay in while my Dad aka the Easter Bunny hid them.]

Eggs I found

I was only limited to 3 eggs, and my nephew ended up stealing the blue egg from me when I wasn’t paying attention. [It had a few coins in it. GRRRR! Little butt.] While we were outside, we noticed the koi fish in the pond out front were slowly moving out of hibernation.

Koi fish!

It is still too cold to feed them, so they feast off the algae for the time being. [The ground temperature has to be above 50F before resuming feedings from winter.]  There are actually six koi in there, but our baby koi that was born last year is hard to pick up as they are black and orange which ends up camouflaging very well.

We had a delicious turkey dinner with all the fixin’s made by my mom. Did you know that jellied cranberry sauce comes in a BOX?! I shit you not, Dole makes their jellied cranberry sauce in a box. We usually get the Ocean Spray kind in a can, but this was 100x better because it didn’t have that tin can taste. I was just like, “IT’S IN A BOX. THAT IS SO COOL.” I wish I had gotten a picture. ;____;

After dinner, it was time to dye eggs!

The dye is all prepared and ready for the eggs!

First egg going in!

I’m a terrible artist, but it is a kitty face. [Naturally!]

After egg dying we went out to show family the RV and since my Sis in law had to go work soon, we had to cut the tour pretty short so we could go inside and have dessert.

Doughnuts that have PEEPS!!! on them. I didn’t get to eat one, my Nephew beat me to it.

Overall a very fun day was had by all as I mentioned before. Can’t wait until next year~!!

[SJP] Hesitation

When you hesitate to write something, what reminder can you give yourself to be as completely honest as you can, both factually and emotionally?

There’s two things I actually remind myself of:

  1. Nobody’s actually going to read what I write.  If they do? Well shock, horror! because I am not writing  my blog for an audience, I’m writing it for me.
  2. Someone’s always going to find something negative about what you write, no matter how careful you try NOT to virtually step on peoples’ toes.

Keeping those two things in mind, write what comes. It’s your personal space so you’re allowed to say your piece. Not everyone’s going to agree with you, so brush that off and just keep on trucking.


[Review] Sweet Cat Ears Headband

Ordered: March 10th, 2014

Arrived: April 3rd, 2014

These cute, jingly cat ears arrived packaged in a plastic ziplock and a bubble mailer [the ziplock bag being inside.] While pink isn’t a color I’m fond of, I couldn’t turn down the ability to jingle while I walk and these ears provide. Both bells work as expected, as some other persons reported that one bell did not have the “ringer” inside the bell so only one side worked as it should.

Close up of ribbon and bell

The only very slight gripe I have with these ears is the way they are shaped. The sideways facing ears are sewed up underneath, so rather than being perky, they are almost lamb-like in appearance and might not be passed for as cat ears. I thought about ripping the stitching out to make the ears flare out more, but I feared it would ruin the ears completely.

The craftsmanship isn’t the best either, so don’t pull too hard on the ears or you may just rip them right off the headband.

Closeup of ear stitching

Overall Verdict: 3 out of 5 paws up

Get your own [Also comes in White]: Cosplay: Sweet Cat Ears Headband – Black